Alister Multimedia


Alister Multimedia is run by Paul Alister and started in the early Nineties doing desktop publishing and web design. Since then he’s doing video production and DVD ¬†authoring, which is now his main work. Documentaries are his passion and the ABC television program “Message Stick” aired in 2010 his “White Skin Black:My Search for Identity Spirit”. See details of ¬†this video in “documentaries” section.

Paul uses a Apple iMac and Apple G5 with Finalcut Pro 7 and X, and Photo Shop.

Paul’s cameras are a Sony HD EX1 and Canon HF G25. Camera’s and equipment can be hired as needed.

Paul also teaches video filming and editing.

Paul is married with 4 boys and also a meditation teacher for over 40 years. He teachers meditation at the Sunshine Coast University as well as teaching meditation and video at the Ananda Marga River school where he is the spiritual director and one the school founding members.
Paul is a keen surfer and also still playing Australian football.