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Documentaries from Inspiration Video Productions, the documentary wing of Alister Multimedia. If you want a documentary made contact Paul for a free quote. Prices will range from several hundred dollars to  ten of thousands of  dollars, depending on what is involved.

Here are some documentaries made by Inspiration Video Productions. Follow their links for  details:

Video’s for sale :
* Note all prices are in US dollars and include shipping. Click Here for currency conversion.

* Promotional video of a guest speaker (MP Clive Palmer)

* An Introduction to Neo Humanist Education: The River School Experience

* White Skin.Balck Spirit: My Search for Identity

* No Woolies in Maleny;The Struggle for Community Empowerment

* Economics of  PROUT: Economic democracy in practice

* Another Life is Possible: Cooperatives of Barlovento, Venezuela

* Creating Prosperous Communities

* Living with Cancer Naturally: The Anni Philp story

* Sunshine Trains

* River School 2003