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No Woolies in Maleny

No Woolies in Maleny: The struggle for community empowerment, is a documentary which focuses on the small community of Maleny, 100 k north of Brisbane, Australia, concerning their fight to keep out the big supermarket corporation Woolworths.The documentary covers many of the protests, meetings and actions as well as the raw emotions and feelings for and against Woolworths in Maleny.

The fast-moving film, will bring you right into the history and feelings of this passionate issue with interviews across the Maleny spectrum including comments from Woolworth’s Peter Thomas as well as protest leaders, farmers, business owners, academics, politicians and protesters at the site.

Local indigenous people also give their perspective from an environmental and spiritual point of view.

And while the focus is with the Maleny Struggle, the film also looks at similar national and international struggles with corporate exploitation of local communities. This includes Walmart in the USA, Tesco in the UK and the Cittaslow movement.

Issues covered include:

• Community Empowerment

• Economic Democracy

• Corporate Governance

• Corporate Responsibility

• Corporate Ethics

• Corporate Sustainability

• Corporate exploitation of communities

• Enviromental & Indigenous concerns

“No Woolies is a hard-hitting documentary that gives a thorough analysis of all the issues surrounding a community resisting corporate development. The interviews go to surprising depth, and this film succeeds in that it offers the viewer a realistic and achievable alternative vision.”

S Cameron, filmmaker/teacher

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