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White Skin, Black Spirit

White Skin, Black Spirit: My Search for Identity

Terri Anne has white skin, blue eyes and light hair. Abandoned as a baby with her two sisters, she grows up in a tangled series of orphanages and foster homes, finally meeting her mother again in her mid-teens. But when she is 28 her mother shares the biggest secret: her father, who died when she was a baby, was Aboriginal.
Over the next two decades, Terri Anne travels a passionate journey of self-discovery that changes her life’s direction completely. Her Aboriginal identity grows stronger and more meaningful as she gradually develops confidence and finds her new role as an ambassador for other white skinned Aboriginals.
In this unique and penetrating documentary we get an intimate look at one woman’s struggle to find peace and belonging in her life with “White Skin, Black Spirit.” Terri Anne tells her story passionately, and we follow her outback, to a completely different world, as she travels bush to prepare for secret women’s business. We meet her desert mob who share their life, culture and struggles, in remote Northern and Central Australia.
Includes interviews with Bobby Randall and other Aboriginal leaders as they discuss their own experiences in “bridging the cultural divide.”
Length 48 minutes, coast $US 25 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Alister Multimedia.